Open Youth Orchestra

Our Open Youth Orchestra provides the learning environment support that facilitates a student’s natural evolution of their brain development which will support them in their Life and Career Skills within the P21 framework for learning.  

Some students that have impaired motor skills may have difficulty in playing/mastering a traditional orchestra instrument (piano, woodwinds, strings, etc.). For that reason we are integrating digital instruments so that children with special needs can participate in the orchestra setting.  

The Palamai supported youth orchestra will not only give these students with special needs a way to express themselves, yet will also enable them to progress into their 21st century career areas and be better contributing members to society in their adult years.

Scholarship program for Neurologic Music Therapists

Expanding the number of Certified Neurologic Music Therapists through the establishment of a Palamai Arts and Sciences Foundation scholarship program. We are looking to partner with various institutions in awarding the scholarships.  

Click here to learn more about Neurologic Music Therapy.

Music Education for Military Families

Palamai Arts and Sciences Foundation recognizes the unique life challenges faced by military families. Our foundation’s support for promoting music and art to help enrich student’s lives is exemplified  by promoting music education for K-12 age children that have a parent currently serving in the military.